Success Stories

Many of these success stories tend to be kids from Colorado and California who have received medical cannabis treatment in coordination with the Realm of Caring (RoC) (who have pioneered treatment of epilepsy with a special strain called Charlotte's Web™). 

However, as more states legalize medical cannabis and get their programs going, there will be more success stories across the nation. See what these kids can do that they couldn’t before.  

These stories show what our Maryland kids don’t get the chance to achieve, because we can't get access to medical cannabis like these kids can from Colorado, California, and the other states in which medical cannabis is legal.

FACE OF CANNABIS - Check out this site to learn more about the faces of kids on medical cannabis throughout the country. Their stories just might change your mind.

Here are even more stories or images that demonstrate the success that some of the kids in other states have been able to have.  See what a difference medical cannabis can make:



This RoC patient has improved drastically in printing! The top portion is two weeks BEFORE starting cannabis and the bottom portion is two months AFTER starting cannabis. (1/21/14)

Seizure reduction

Seizure Reduction

Finally had a chance to chart out Piper's seizure data vs. being on Charlotte's Web. We have made no changes besides adding the cannabis. The black line is a 7-day moving daily average, green is ramping up CW, and blue are the clusters per day. In September, she was averaging 2.29 - 3.86 clusters per day. In January, after being on CW for 3 months, she is averaging 1.0-1.29 clusters per day. This does not even show the improvements in sleep, strength and awareness. (1/27/14)



From one of the RoC moms: Ben went into status (non stop seizures) in Jan of 2013 and was in the ICU for 15 days. He was having seizures every 21 seconds for days. After that he was given Depakote and didn't walk again. I mean we couldn't even get him to take one step. We have been on Charlotte's Web™ for almost 4 weeks and now he’s walking all over the place. (1/16/14)


Maddy made it a week with no seizures. Last time she had her eyes checked was 14 months prior when they told us she needed glasses.
I, instead, brought her to a vision therapist who did thorough testing on her and concluded that she needed vision therapy- not glasses.

She couldn't track with her eyes like we do, so reading was not happening. The vision therapist told us this was common with seizure meds. She actually didn't improve with vision therapy. Too many seizures, too many meds, too frustrating for her.

Less than three months on CW, 7 weeks pharma free, the general practitioner checked her vision and lo and behold, she now has perfect vision! Last night she read nearly five pages in her Bible, which is not written for children to read, but for parents to read to them! (1/28/14)

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Seizure Reduction

Weaning all meds

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More alert and getting stronger

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