Sample phone call script

1) Address Legislator with proper salutation: “Governor O’Malley”, “Lt. Governor Brown”, “Senate President Miller”, “Speaker Busch”, “Senator Raskin”, “Delegate Morhaim” etc.

2) Introduce who you are: “This is [your name], a [county] resident in District [#, which you can find on].”

3) State your purpose for the call (something like this): “There is going to be a Public Hearing in the Senate on February 25th where Bill #s HB1321 and HB881 will be addressed. There is a little boy in our community named, Logan, who has multiple seizures a day caused by epilepsy. His local doctors believe medical marijuana will be the best remedy to help reduce and possibly eliminate these severe seizures. I am calling, as a constituent, to pledge my support of legalizing medical marijuana in Maryland. I think HB1321 provides the best approach. I hope I can count on your support to help all those in our community, especially Logan, who suffer from seizures and could benefit from your vote on this matter.”

4) Wait for their response:
  • If they say they also support medical marijuana and plan to vote FOR the bill. Jump to #5. 
  • If they say they do not support medical marijuana, kindly ask them if they will at least visit our website and educate themselves further and reconsider. 
  • If they say they are undecided on which direction they are going to vote, kindly ask them if they will visit our website, educate themselves, and consider voting “Yes” for the people of Maryland who deeply believe medical marijuana will improve lives of those closest to them.
  • If they don’t give you insight on to how they will vote, go to #5.

5) Thank them for their time. “I appreciate you taking the time to consider my choice, and I appreciate your commitment to support my position.”